New Cinematic Freedom: the FX3 expands (and contracts) Sony’s Cinema Line

Imagine, if you will, the spirit of the much-celebrated Cinema Line FX6V captured in the body of the α7S III (that critical darling of the cinema/stills-hybrid market). That thought experiment will land you in the neighborhood of the just-announced, genre-bending Cinema Line FX3.

Coming in at only 1 lb, 9.3 oz (715g)*, the FX3 is the smallest and lightest of the Cinema Line by a significant margin. Inevitably a fun one for run-and-gun, this camera has been optimized as an expandable, easily-operable, and efficient option, especially for solo shooters. Check out the video below to find out how much it could help your content creation quality improve, or skip to the rundown of the highlights below that if you’d rather read it.

This one’s got an astonishingly short period between announcement and availability: initial delivery is anticipated to be March 11nd. That’s less than two weeks from now, folks! 😲 That does not mean that stock will be unlimited, and the odds are that the initial run will be spoken for even before it arrives. Get your name on the list today and avoid that unpleasant delay!

* Including battery and memory card but not including lens or accessories.

Key features

  • Full-frame 12 MP BSI sensor outputs unbelievable video
    • 4K 60p 600 Mbps 4:2:2 10bit video recorded internally
    • Up to 4.2k 16bit RAW video recorded externally via full-size HDMI port
    • Up to 120 fps at 4K for slow-motion
    • Full-frame size allows for extreme subject isolation and the creamiest of bokeh
  • 15+ stops of dynamic range (using S-Log3 for later color grading)
  • Beautiful video in incredibly low light—low noise video up to ISO 409,600
  • New heat dissipation system allows uninterrupted 4K shooting
  • Includes XLR Handle for stability, expansion, and high quality audio
    • 2 XLR/TRS inputs; record 4-channel, 24bit audio in-camera
    • Add stability without compromising camera body access or comfort
  • Look, ma, no cage—accessories can be mounted directly on-camera
    • Five ¼-20 screw mounts on FX3 body
    • Three additional ¼-20 screw mounts on XLR handle
  • Dual memory slots compatible with CFexpress and SDXC UHS-II cards

But wait, there’s more

The FX3 is an absolute game-changer for any solo cinematographer or for a professional production team that needs down-and-dirty shots from the field. Not only will the body’s light weight and included handle make hand-holding easy, the tech inside will help you get great footage out of it.

The most critical factor in any hand-holding situation is stability, of course. That’s where the 5-axis in-body image stabilization system comes in. If you need a little extra help keeping steady, the FX3 supports Active Mode stabilization on footage up to 60p in 4K, trading a slight crop for much-steadier footage. If you need even more, the FX3 also records shake metadata which can be used by Sony’s Catalyst software to intelligently counter some pretty severe bounces.

If you’re shooting on the go, you also can’t be spending time messing around with your focus or you’ll miss the bigger picture (even with a camera as optimized for single-handed operation as the FX3). Sony’s stellar autofocus system is implemented to its fullest extent here, hopefully making it as easy as humanly possible to play both DP and 1st AC at the same time.

  • Real-time Eye-AF even with high framerates and with a shallow depth of field
  • Touch-based subject tracking
  • Instant AF assistance in MF mode, when needed (just touch and go!)
  • Adjustable automatic transition speeds

Focusing is super simple to control using either the fully-articulated vari-angle touchscreen or an external device. You can connect a PC or mobile device for total focus control, wired or wirelessly, using Sony’s Imaging Edge software.

Three obvious yet aesthetically pleasant tally lights make it easy for both videographers and subjects to know when the camera’s rolling, and a dust-and-moisture-resistant seal around the magnesium alloy frame means you can shoot in tough conditions without fear.

Enjoy some more sample output below (not to mention the pretty gear pics), then hustle over to a Mike’s Camera near you or click here to pre-order if the Cinema Line FX3 is the tool you’ve been waiting for all along.

Sample footage

Product images

Sample images


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