Digitize your reel vids, real-ize your phone pics: March imaging picks are live

February flew by, didn’t it? It’s already time for fresh specials, highlighting two new ways we at Mike’s Camera can help you do more with your memories and art. This time around, we’ve got a bit of a yin/yang balance at work—an equivalent exchange between analog and digital media. Read on for the details, then make a plan to visit your local Mike’s Camera to take advantage of this great pricing. Yes, visit—these offers are good in-store only. (We are taking every precaution to make sure your visit will be a safe one.) Hope to see you soon!

Save 20% on all reel film transfers

Is there any symbol that calls to mind the rich history of American cinema better than a metal reel full of film? Home movies, on true movie film, are no less romantic. You may be able to get significantly better quality footage these days from just about any camera (or even smartphone), but home videos from the age of film have a certain je ne sais quoi that just makes them hit different. Unfortunately, projectors for that film are not a common part of the modern home theater setup, and too many families’ histories in motion are left to languish and degrade in closets, crawl spaces, and attics.

Don’t let that happen to your heirlooms! We can transfer 8mm and 16mm reel film, with or without sound, to SD or HD digital video. This service normally starts at 25¢ per foot (click the heading above for a complete price guide), and let me tell you: having gathered with my own family to watch resurrected footage from 50-60 years ago, the joy it brings is worth it even at full price. At 20% lower cost, it’s an easy choice. Just box up your archive and bring it on by—we’ll do the rest.

PS: Aside from preservation, digitizing film makes it really easy to duplicate, and a trove of treasured footage can make a great gift. Ever been nine months ahead of the game getting holiday presents for your whole family?

100 4×6 prints for $15 (as many 100s as you want!)

On the flip side of the coin, hundreds or thousands of digital images can build up and become just as inaccesible as difficult-to-play physical media. Sometimes it’s good to force yourself to sit down, go through them, and get all the keepers out into the world. It’s not really a photo until you can hold it in your hand, after all. But the sheer quantity of images we’re able to capture on a day to day basis can make this process seem a little overwhelming, not least because of the cost.

Enter the “clear-your-phone” special*! All March long, you can print up to 100 matte or glossy 4x6s for only $15. We’re talking real photographic prints, not mediocre instant prints, and you can purchase as many packs of 100 as you want. Show them off, give them out, make albums, and more!

*Images from all digital sources are, of course, welcome, but we all know how images tend to pile up on phones…


  1. I just saw this and it is April. I would like to start making more photo books. Can I go in the store to get started? I forgot how to do this. Please call me Saturday by 3:00 pm. I work 9:00 -1:30 pm.

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