Plena is a NIKKOR S-line prime unlike any before

Nikon’s brand new NIKKOR Z 135mm f/1.8 S Plena is designed to be an absolutely unbeatable portraiture tool. The focal length provides compression that is more often ideal than not, and the super-bright aperture offers breathtaking bokeh and superb low-light performance. The combination make for “extraordinarily shallow” depth of field, allowing totally unique creative opportunities.

Having earned the S-line distinction, we can be confident in the superb craftsmanship going into the Plena. To take advantage of the exquisite circular bokeh evident in the sample images (see below), you’ll need to shoot with the lens wide open—that means that every single optical element has to be of the utmost quality in order to capture images that are sharp, clear, and high-res, from edge to edge, even at the widest aperture setting. And of the utmost quality the lens elements are, featuring Nikon’s most advanced anti-reflective coatings (Meso Amorphous Coat and ARNEO Coat) to overcome even the harshest, most chaotic light.

The Plena is adapted to high-end features outside itself, too. The Multi-Focus System uses dual, synchronized STM stepping motors that are more than capable of keeping up with the advanced tracking built into any of Nikon’s Z cameras. And they’re nearly silent and vibration-free, to boot!

For seamlessly intuitive control, the Plena features not only a customizable Fn button (placed for easy reach whether shooting horizontally or vertically) but also a clickless, customizable control ring (aperture, ISO, or EV compensation) and tweakable manual focus ring (pick rotation direction and linear/non-linear).

This one’s gonna be a game changer. Click here or come on in to reserve yours now.

Sample images

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