Calendar savings all October? It’s a date

You love this part of the year. It’s a lot of work, but you really do love it.

It started sort of accidentally. You made one calendar so that you and your parents could enjoy memories from that road trip to South Dakota throughout the following year—a “thank you,” of sorts, and an “I love you” at the same time, wrapped up in an eminently practical present that won’t add any burden of Stuff. Of course, when your sister saw it on their wall, you got the call: “where’s mine?” Simple enough to re-order; why not?

Next year, the trip was more complicated: a multi-phase Eurotrip. Mom told her sister about the calendar from the previous year, and auntie started dropping some pretty serious hints about the Christmas after, which (obviously) your cousins heard about, who (astonishingly!) started clamoring on their own behalves.

Your photography has been getting better with every session that goes by, but you really weren’t sure if it was your own imagination or not. And, besides, you couldn’t really reconcile your desire for those you love to enjoy your art with the infeasibility of their purchasing something newer, better, and hopefully more expensive each year as you improve. It’s a real moral quandary, but you feel like this has really panned out as a solution:

Every year, you pour your heart and soul into crafting a monthly dose of your latest (and greatest?) work for all of your very favorite people. It’s a gift of unquantifiable value, appreciated daily in some cases, but in terms of actual financial burden on the giver of the gift? Quite reasonable! Especially when you get it together and put your order in at Mike’s during a rare special for the early birds.

And, would you believe it? It’s time for one of those specials now. You start gathering your best work from the year, barely repressing a smile as you think of the enjoyment you’re bound to provide to the brightest stars in your sky. (You’re going to remember all of their birthdays this year, too!) Time to get down to the exhilarating business of design…

From ding to dong in October this year, we’re offering a 20% early bird discount on all 2024 calendar orders. We offer wall calendars (letter size or 12×12), desktop calendars, and 12×18 whole-year poster calendars. Whether you’re journaling, organizing your life, making gifts for the whole family, or just like the aesthetic of the annum, calendars always make life a little better. Design your calendar in-store with the help of our imaging experts or order online using discount code 206.

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