Coming in hot: the NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2

They’ve teased its development a couple times this year, and now the announcement is official. The NIKKOR Z 40mm f/2 lens is compact, affordable, versatile—the kind you can just leave on your camera all the time—and it will be arriving in stores as soon as the end of this month.

40mm is kind of a cool focal length. It’s wide enough for all-purpose photography, but still tight enough for portraits, especially with the kind of top-notch subject isolation Nikon is promising. The fast, nine-bladed aperture backs up this claim from a technical perspective and the sample images they’ve provided speak for themselves!

While not a true macro lens like Nikon’s other 40mm (for APS-C DSLRs), the 11.4″ minimum focusing distance should be more than sufficient for most situations. The new 40mm is also faster, smaller, and covers a full frame sensor. With its diminutive dimensions (1.79″ long and weighing 5.99 oz), this one should make daily users and their orthopedic specialists very happy.

Nikon has also highlighted some specific considerations they made for videographers. The fast, near-silent STM will provide effective, non-intrusive autofocus, and their engineers ensured that focus breathing was kept to a bare minimum. That cool assignable control ring can also be reassigned to provide clickless aperture control, enabling you to change brightness in a scene without unnatural jumps!

To round out the package, some careful gasket placement qualifies this lens as dust- and drip-resistant. Initial stocks will be arriving soon, but we’re sure those will go fast. Visit one of our stores or click the banner below to secure your very own!

Sample images

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Product images

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