New Tamron zooms for Sony E-mount; all-in-one arriving for Fuji X-mount

In about a month, there will be three new lenses from our friends at Tamron gracing the shelves of your local Mike’s Camera: two newly-engineered fast zooms (available for Sony E-mount) and a new X-mount version of the 18–300mm which was announced last month.

All three are scheduled for release on October 28th, 2021. Click the images below to order yours today!

18–300mm f/3.5–6.3 (B061)

We got the official announcement for this one last month and now we have an official release date for the X-mount version, Tamron’s first lens for the mount (October 28th, as noted above). It’s a compact and versatile all-in-one with close focusing capability and VXD autofocus. Click here to read more, click here to pre-order now, or check out the video below for info on Tamron’s VXD technology.

28–75mm f/2.8 Di III VXD G2 (A063)

The optical system of the second version of Tamron’s small, fast “normal zoom” has been completely redesigned to provide higher definition and superior image quality across the board. You’ll have to try it out for yourself to compare the A063 with the A036 qualitatively, but quantitatively we know that the G2 is capable of closer focusing (max magnification is 1:2.7 as compared to the A036‘s 1:2.9) and is 15 grams lighter. The A063 will certainly also get a performance boost from the addition of Tamron’s newer VXD focusing system (see video above), replacing the A036‘s older RXD motor. This up-to-date technology allows focusing speeds that are roughly twice as fast as well as full compatibility with camera-specific features like Fast Hybrid AF and Eye AF.

The exterior sports a snazzy new look (with enhanced texture for tactile enjoyment!) and has been further refined for ease-of-use, making it easier than ever to become one with your gear. The lens is protected by moisture-resistant construction and a fluorine coating on the front element, and is compatible with Tamron’s unique Lens Utility customizer. Click here or stop by one of our stores to order yours now!

35–150mm f/2–2.8 Di III VXD (A058)

Last, but not least, Tamron presents a travel zoom/all-in-one with more of an emphasis on image quality than having the widest possible range. On the wide end the maximum aperture is an impressively bright f/2, and even all the way out to 150mm the max is f/2.8. This wide latitude in both focal length and aperture enables all kinds of photography—from landscapes to architectural details to beautifully-isolated portraits, all without changing lenses.

Like the A063, the A058 features Tamron’s fast, quiet VXD autofocus system*, moisture resistance, a fluorine coating, and customizability via the Lens Utility software. A zoom lock switch adds a bit of convenience and Tamron’s newest exterior design language promises a pleasant and well-thought-out experience. Click here or stop by one of our stores to order yours now!

*Including compatibility with Fast Hybrid AF, Eye AF, etc.

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