Sony’s newest 12–24mm f/2.8 G Master lens is an engineering sensation

Shipping mid-August (but available for pre-order NOW), the freshly-announced Sony FE 12–24mm f/2.8 G Master is the widest full-frame zoom with a constant f/2.8 aperture yet available. (I checked—seems like everything else is either a little less wide or a little less bright!) Whether you’re shooting an α9 II or an α6400, you won’t find a better full-frame E-mount tool for capturing wide-open spaces, stunning starry nights, imposing architecture, and more.

Fast facts

  • Constant f/2.8 9-bladed circular aperture
  • 5.5″x3.875″, 1.87 lb
  • 4x XD linear AF motors in floating mechanism
  • Rear filter mount + gel-cutting template
  • 17 lens elements (see more below)
  • Fluorine-coated front element repels oil & water
  • Dust/moisture resistant
  • Focus hold button, AF/MF switch

In addition to the legendary sharpness characteristic of the G Master series, the lens incorporates some new optical tech designed specifically to make this lens work.

The lens’s 17 elements include three ED (extra-low dispersion), two Super-ED, one aspherical, and three XA (extreme aspherical) elements to create a remarkably compact package while still ensuring that the incoming light gets to where it needs to go without significant mutation. The arrangement of these elements effectively minimizes coma, astigmatism, and the “fisheye effect” to deliver that GM sharpness from corner to corner.

One of the XA elements, in particular, is the largest made by Sony to date, but the new Nano AR Coating II promises to suppress internal reflection, ghosting, and flare on even the most intrusively curved glass.

Obviously, a threaded filter wouldn’t fit over that beast of a front element, so there is a slot for tiny rear filters should they be necessary. The FE 12–24mm f/2.8 GM will even include a template so you can cut your own from gels!

The XD Linear Motors driving the AF assembly are made for fast, accurate, near-silent, low-power operation. Your batteries will last longer, your videos will remain free of noise, and there’s a good chance that your nailed-shot percentage will go up! Plus, the floated mechanism allows the lens to maintain sharpness regardless of focal distance.

Click here to pre-order this beauty so you can enjoy that creamy, circular bokeh as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out these gorgeous sample images (resized but otherwise unaltered).

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