Canon RF lens roadmap updated

In addition to Canon’s recent announcements of the T8i and the blazingly-fast, incredibly-stabilized EOS R5, they’ve also released limited (but exciting) information about the future of the RF lens system.

Not only does the EOS R5 demonstrate Canon’s commitment to developing the system to a professional level, they are rapidly increasing the number of native lens choices. 2018 brought an initial group of four, to which six were added last year, and at least seven are planned for 2020. Of course, with three innovative mount adapters from which to choose, EF lenses fill in pretty much any imaginable gap, but native lenses make for a simpler, smaller system.

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Two lenses were specifically announced, as well as 1.4x and 2x teleconverters. One we already reported on (the RF 24–105 f/4–7.1 IS STM lens), but the other is a coup for sports and wildlife photographers interested in Canon’s full-frame mirrorless models: the RF 100–500mm f/4.5–7.1 L IS USM should be released later this year!

Previously, the longest focal length native to the system was 200mm. Paired with the new 2x teleconverter, RF shooters will be able to reach five times the distance.

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