Half-week homework: Change a routine

There are many reasons to find something that works and stick to it. For one thing, it’s exhausting to evaluate every action, every time! That being said, it’s also a good way to never grow. This week, your challenge as a photographer is to break a routine and find out what you learn.

Don’t get too deeply engrained!

  • Try a whole different camera system. (We have a wide variety of rentals, and with Test & Wow! you can even try out an Olympus for free!) It’s surprising how a different way of interacting with the camera—as well as a slightly different look to the output—can change the way you take pictures.
  • If you’re a landscape photographer, try taking a few portraits. If you’re used to a studio setup, grab a medium-wide lens and give street photography a try. Whatever you tend to shoot most, seek the opposite!
  • Change your view, literally—most photographers tend to gravitate toward a particular focal length (the longer the better, for me), but different ranges may as well present different worlds.
  • Try new editing techniques. Pick a distinctive look from a movie and see if you can emulate it, or have fun tricking someone with a convincing edit. (April Fool’s is coming up!)
  • Find a new friend to shoot with. Collaborations are a great way to end up with more creativity than either of you started with.

I’ve had a pretty habit-breaking week, myself. For one, I’m measuring half of the week based on a Monday start rather than a Sunday. 😉 I also borrowed a Panasonic S1 with a variety of Sigma lenses (watch for forthcoming reviews). One of them was a fairly wide 14–24mm, which was a big shift for me, and I made an effort to try to shoot more photos of the people with whom I was spending time because I usually don’t. Will I change my whole methodology? Probably not (though I hope I keep taking pictures of loved ones), but it was a great exercise to keep my eye limber and my knowledge broad.

What habit did you experiment with breaking? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to tag #mymikescamera #halfweekhomework!

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