Free download: The ultimate α7R comparison chart

You probably heard about the newest iteration of Sony’s high-resolution full-frame mirrorless α7R series, the α7R IV. (If you didn’t, get the details and full-res sample images by clicking here!) While making 240+ MP Pixel Shift images is an absolutely astounding stat, there are many other areas in which Sony has improved the mark IV over previous generations. Check out the complete spec comparison at the link below for a clear image of how the series has evolved over time.

The buttons in the PDF are clickable, so when you’ve decided which version suits your needs best, you can quickly and easily order from your trusted local camera dealer. If you’re ready for the mark IV be sure you move quickly—brand new cameras are always in short supply, and the longer you wait to order, the longer you’ll have to wait for delivery!

Click here for a mobile-friendly reference chart.

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