All that, and your lenses too

Still on the fence about Nikon’s latest, the mirrorless Z series? It’s great to see the imaging giant embracing the advantages of smaller and more tech-focused construction, but it’s also a tough switch, optically: with over 100 years in business, Nikon has made just a few more F-mount lenses than it has yet made for the Z-mount. Specialty lenses will come in time, but what if you need a macro or tilt-shift lens right now?

Fortunately, if you act quickly, you can make the switch (or pick up a nice ‘n’ light backup body) and use all of your F-mount lenses natively right off the bat. Through April 13th (that’s a Saturday), all new Z 6 and Z 7s will include the FTZ mount adapter FREE. The Nikon FTZ adapter is much more than a metal spacer—complete autofocus compatibility is preserved, and you get a tripod mount for good measure. Click the links below to order now, or stop into any Mike’s Camera to take one home today!

Nikon Z 6 body with FTZ adapter
Nikon Z 6 body, FTZ adapter, & Nikkor Z 24-70mm F4 S lens
Nikon Z 7 body with FTZ adapter
Nikon Z 7 body, FTZ adapter, & Nikkor Z 24-70mm F4 S lens

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