Half-week homework: Baby animals

Fertility and fecundity are in the air (albeit quite chilly air for some of us). For the next few weeks, not only will you see the flowers blooming, but babies booming. Few subjects are as cheery or adorable as baby animals, so take advantage of this time!

  • Keep your eyes peeled for local fauna. If you’re lucky, you might not even have to go out of your way to get shots of pets, rabbits, birds, or maybe even deer or bears, if you’re out in the mountains.
  • Use park resources. Rangers and park websites are great sources of knowledge—they can certainly point you to the best spots to capture more exotic babies in their elements.
  • Visit the zoo. Even zoo-dwellers have babies, and you can take advantage of both the fact that they’re in a definite location and that there’s typically a lot of advance knowledge. Watch your zoo’s social media account or website for updates on new and upcoming births!

Speaking of which, Sacramento, let’s go to the zoo together! Our 3-part wildlife photography workshop starts next week: a perfect opportunity to hunt for the cutest critters at the Sacramento Zoo and meet up with like-minded local photographers. We’ll prepare with an informative lecture at the store on Thursday night (April 11th), then meet at the Zoo on Sunday the 14th for a private early-morning photography session. Two days later, we’ll reconvene at the store for a gallery showing of everyone’s best shots. After a critique and time to socialize, the matted 12×18 of your image is yours to keep. These workshops are always a blast, and you’re bound to get at least a few photos you can be proud of! Click here to sign up today.

When you find some little cuties worth sharing, please do! Post your favorites to our Facebook page or on Instagram, tagged with #mymikescamera #halfweekhomework. Happy shooting!

Header photo by Macey Sigaty.

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