PSA: Updates for Sony, Tamron, & Canon shooters

Although the Sony α6000 is now five years old and there are three successors in the same series (including the newly-announced α6400), it remains an extremely popular choice in the continually-growing field of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. Sony deserves a nod for continuing to support the camera, and, in fact, a new firmware update was released on Tuesday which is intended to improve the reliability of the autofocus system. Go download it here! If you need any assistance updating your camera, leave a comment below or contact one of our stores directly, any time.

In other firmware-update news, Tamron announced today that their 18–400mm (B028) and 10–24mm (B023) lenses are now fully compatible with the Canon EOS R. Click here to download the update now. Note that you will need to use the Tamron Tap-In Console to update your lens’s firmware.

Whatever equipment you have, don’t forget to keep it up to date, or you’ll miss out on great features and improved performance! Check out the easy-to-read chart at the “Latest Firmware” link in the menu bar above (or click here) and be sure to keep checking every so often.


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