Order now, miss the wait: the Sony G-Master 135mm f/1.8!

Housing an innovative new optical design inside its magnesium alloy chassis, the newest lens in Sony’s top line is sure to be a winner, and it’s available for preorder as of today! Click here to reserve yours now.

The G-Master Experience

The two hallmarks of the G-Master designation are on full display in the new 135mm: extremely high resolution (evident across the whole frame, even at f/1.8) and excellent bokeh (powered by the 11-blade circular aperture).

The FE 135mm f/1.8 GM is also debuting a brand new optical design, says Sony. XA (“eXtreme Aspherical”), Super ED (“Extra-low Dispersion”), and ED elements have been placed in the front group to suppress all of the aberrations common to telephoto lenses. the XA element combats spherical aberration and “onion-ring bokeh,” while the ED elements stand guard against chromatic aberration. Each element is placed to ensure absolute maximum resolution.

The aperture ring is optionally clicky, allowing either positive confirmation or smooth adjustments (like in the SUPER-COOL sample video, below) depending on your needs. Two customizable focus-hold buttons ensure that it will be as easy as possible to become one with your lens.

A floating focus system backs these optical corrections and control features., driven by four linear motors and providing not only speed but near-silence and minimal vibration. On top of it all, the 135mm f/1.8 will focus as close as 27.5″! Click here to reserve yours now.

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