Nikon users, zoom in on the image of your dreams with the Tamron 150–500mm for Z mount

Adventurous Nikon mirrorless photographers are in for a treat: the 150–500mm f/5–6.7 Di III VC VXD for Nikon Z mount (A057Z) is coming to stores at the end of this month. With a nimble frame and an astounding reach, it’s hard to imagine a better lens for fearless photography (from a safe distance).

This ultra-telephoto has a much longer reach than most, yet end-to-end it’s less long than a sheet of copy paper is wide. Optical quality was not sacrificed for the sake of compactness—Tamron has employed some of their most advanced optical technologies (like hybrid aspherical lens elements and BBAR-G2 coatings) to control chromatic aberration and other unwelcome intrusions. Just check out the sample images, below, for the proof!

Another welcome feature is Tamron’s highly effective Vibration Compensation system with three distinct settings: standard, panning, and framing-focused. Combined with the remarkably svelte frame, this enables unprecedented handheld operation for ultra-telephoto photography.

At 150mm, the minimum distance to focus is only 23.6″ (70.9″ at 500mm), so you won’t find yourself stumbling backwards too often. And while that’s not truly macro, a 1:3.1 magnification ratio isn’t too bad for an ultra-telephoto!

The VXD (that’s Voice-coil eXtreme-torque Drive) autofocus system is quiet and precise, like Tamron’s RXD AF, but configured for maximum speed. For wildlife and sporting photography, that kind of speed is a must! When you want to take manual control, the focus ring can be switched between linear and non-linear functionality.

Of course, the A057Z is moisture-resistant and the front element is fluorine coated. A convenient zoom lock and Arca-Swiss compatible tripod mount, included, round out the package. Anticipated release date: October 31st, 2023. This one is hot on the trail of adventure—are you ready to follow it? Pre-order in-store or online today!

Sample images

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