New fast-aperture zoom for Nikon Z cameras

Coming for the first time to the Nikon Z mount, Tamron presents a full-frame capable travel zoom/all-in-one that sets itself apart. The 35–150mm f/2–2.8 Di III VXD puts the emphasis on image quality rather than having the widest possible range. On the wide end the maximum aperture is an impressively bright f/2, and even all the way out to 150mm the max is f/2.8.

Incredible control with Lens Utility

This latitude in both focal length and aperture enables all kinds of photography—from landscapes to architectural details to beautifully-isolated portraits, without changing lenses. The A058 features Tamron’s fast, quiet VXD autofocus system, moisture resistance, a fluorine coating, and customizability via the Lens Utility software.

A zoom lock switch adds a bit of convenience and Tamron’s newest exterior design language promises a pleasant and well-thought-out experience. 

The Tamron 35–150mm f/2–2.8 Di III VXD for Nikon Z mount will be available September 21st of this year. Click here or stop by one of our stores to pre-order yours now!

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