Elevate what you create with the Sony ZV-1F

Sony continues their busy autumn with a new vlog-oriented camera: the 1″ sensor, fixed lens ZV-1F. The ZV-1 was one of our top picks for “Vlogging 101,” and the ZV-1F should be no less optimal an option for the beginning vlogger or for a creator looking to step up their professionalism. Compared to the ZV-1, the ZV-1F offers the latest in Sony’s tech (developed since the former’s 2020 release) and a lower price point in exchange for a fixed-length rather than a zoom lens.

The Sony ZV-1F will be available in black or white, with an expected delivery date of October 24th—oh my, that’s this month! Elevate your own vlog or stoke a creative fire in a loved one this holiday season. Click the link below or visit your local Mike’s Camera to pre-order yours today.

The new lens is a fixed 20mm-equivalent-field-of-view f/2.0—nice and wide (without a fisheye effect), nice and bright. The sensor is one of Sony’s low-light optimized Exmor RS 1″ types, with a healthy 20.1 million pixels to use. Note that while there is no optical zoom, there is a digital zoom (and there are enough pixels that you won’t immediately lose quality).

Like the ZV-1, this super-compact camera includes built-in directional microphones with a windscreen, putting out of the box audio quality a significant step above others. Remember, audio can be massively important to the perception of your videos, and is often forgotten! Clear vocals (not obliterated by wind) are a truly beautiful thing.

The ZV-1F is compatible with Sony’s Bluetooth and Multi-interface shoe microphones, allowing future growth.

Sony’s Imaging Edge Plus mobile and desktop applications allow you to use the ZV-1F in a fully-integrated workflow, whether you need a high-quality webcam for meetings/streaming, want to send a quick clip to your Story to get the hype building, or just need to be able to control your camera remotely without carrying yet another thing around on a shoot.

So tiny!

More great features optimized for creators…

  • Sony’s acclaimed Eye-tracking AF system gets the frame sharp
  • Active image stabilization keeps the frame clear
  • Natural skin tones of all types are prioritized
  • Adjustable Soft Skin effect offer a little boost in screen presence
  • Face Priority AE automatically detects and exposes for bright & clear faces
  • Dedicated button for background blue (via that nice, wide f/2 aperture)
  • Fast focus shift for product videos
  • Rotate videos as needed (yes, sometimes you DO want vertical video)
  • Hyperlapse and slow motion video in-camera (up to 5x slower and 60x faster)
  • Multiple creative looks at the press of a button
  • …or the touch of a screen 😉

Sony even notes that the body of the ZV-1F is built from recycled materials and less plastic… although I don’t have specific metrics on those, the more of that, the better, eh? You can read more about Sony’s ambitious Road To Zero here.

Then, make haste to get your pre-order of the ZV-1F in! Global disruption is still limiting many aspects of our industry. Don’t delay the soul-soothing power of intuitive, beautiful creation!

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