The NIKKOR Z 17–28 f/2.8 is a lens for epic storytelling

Coming late October, 2022, the NIKKOR Z 17–28 f/2.8 brings a perfect confluence of ultra-wide adaptability, ultra-bright fixed f/2.8 max aperture, and affordability to the Z system (and in a toteably-compact form, no less).

The 17–28mm f/2.8 offers that unique brand of exhilarating freedom found in wide ‘n’ bright lenses, but in a form factor that’s 30% lighter (only 15.87 oz) and significantly more affordable than the super-high-end NIKKOR Z 14–24mm f/2.8 S. The lens is still sealed to ensure resistance to dust and water, and the front element is still fluorine-coated for quick and easy cleans.

Even at wide-angle focal lengths, f/2.8 is plenty large enough to enable a broad range of control over bokeh, depth of field, and creative lighting. Plus, you’ll be able to handle scenes with woefully little light available. Getting close to your action? Focus as closely as 7.56″.

Videographers will love the internal zoom (allowing consistent size/weight and preventing gimbal freakouts), focus breathing suppression, nearly silent AF, and clickless iris control ring—can you say smoooooth exposure control?

This lens is a great option for all aspiring photographers and videographers who need to take a step back (without having to p7hysically step back). Whether your interest is in interiors, deep-dark starscapes, or your enormous family at the reunion, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the latest addition to the Nikon Z system.

PLUS: This lens dovetails nicely with the also affordable, also lightweight, also 67mm filter sized NIKKOR Z 28–75mm f/2.8 lens to form a respectable fast-glass carryaround combo.

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