All the reach. Half the weight. Announcing the farthest-reaching NIKKOR Z lens yet

The NIKKOR Z 800mm f/6.4 VR S lens is remarkable for quite a few reasons, but one of the most astonishing statements that makes it clear is that it is not only roughly half the weight of the F-mount equivalent (5.25 lbs vs 10.12 lbs), but it is also less than half the price—while maintaining the high optical standards Nikon has set for S-Line lenses.

Scheduled for availability later this month, you can visit your local Mike’s Camera or click the banner below to pre-order yours today. Protective bag and hood included!

Go mobile with this weather-sealed wonder: the center of gravity has been specifically designed to reside close to the camera body for optimal balance whether you’re on a sturdy tripod, flimsy monopod, or even panning by hand. Nikon attributes this remarkable slimming to its innovative use of a Phase Fresnel element, which enabled their engineers to use fewer overall elements and make the whole lens lighter and shorter (3″ shorter than the F-mount 800mm, in fact).

As one might expect, the autofocus system is fast and quiet, and the built-in VR is rated to provide 5 stops of compensation for shaking or movement. It gets even better on a Z 9—Synchro VR combines in-body capabilities with those of the lens to provide 5.5 stops. This feature will also presumably work for future Nikon Z cameras with IBIS.

A healthy array of controls make it easy to fine tune your image without pulling your eye away from the viewfinder. The lens offers a manual focus ring, control ring, two customizable Fn buttons, a Memory Set button (allowing focus recall when used on a compatible camera) and a focus limit switch to reduce hunting.

This looong lens is also compatible with Nikon’s 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters, offering a maximum focal length of 1,600mm in a lens little heavier than a bag of flour. That’s pretty neat! We look forward to getting this one in the hands of anyone eager to reach unprecedented lengths.

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