Trade up to Z 5 with a $100 bonus

Nikon’s newest is coming straight to market with a great savings opportunity. Considering an upgrade to the forthcoming Z 5 mirrorless full-frame camera? We’ll add $100 to the trade-in value of any functional camera to sweeten the deal. (And you’ll still get our famous Perfect Picture Pak, too!) Here’s how it works.

  1. Bring any working camera to your neighborhood Mike’s Camera.
  2. One of our experts will determine a trade-in value for the camera. (Read about that process here.)
  3. Buy a Nikon Z 5 body or one of the kits linked below.
  4. Take the trade-in value and the trade-in bonus off of the price of the camera.
  5. Shoot amazing photos, then come back and print them. 🙂

The bonus will be available from August 27th through September 27th. Click on the links below to compare eligible items, then come on in during the promotional period with your ticket to the cutting edge.


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