In August, we archive (two great specials)

The dog days are upon us, and the heat is one more reason to spend time inside. A great way to spend your time hunkered down at home is going through your old photos (or perhaps a box of albums from your parents or grandparents). For one thing, a photo languishing unseen is a pretty sad story, and reinvigorating all those moments in time feels pretty good. Additionally, it can actually be dangerous to let photos sit for decades.

It is an unfortunate fact that nothing lasts forever, and not all printing methods or media are truly archival quality. Thankfully, renewing your memories’ lease on life is something we’ve gotten pretty good at, and we’d love to help you out. As you go through those shoeboxes full of prints, set aside the ones you’d like to share and/or continue to preserve as well as any that may have been damaged over time and bring them in to your local Mike’s Camera. All August, we’ll be offering enticing prices on both bulk print scanning and photo restoration services!

Thousands upon thousands of unique, precious photos have come through our labs for preservation. The Gather Box makes it easy: buy the box, fill the box, return the box, and voila—a few weeks later your photos will be ready to pick up, accompanied by a disc or USB drive full of quality digital versions of each image. They never have to leave the building, so you don’t have to worry about your archive disappearing in the mail.

Each Gather Box holds approximately 1,500 4×6 photos, but you might fit more (or fewer) depending on the size of your prints. Each image will be suitable for reproduction at the same size, or you can upgrade to a Gather Box Gold for images that can be enlarged up to four times as large. Plus, the Gold comes with a convenient proof book so you can find specific images quickly (or identify which disc is which, if you’ve got quite a few photos to scan.)

For the month of August only, get one or more Basic Gather Boxes $149 each, or Gold Gather Boxes for only $199. Click here to learn more, then come on in to load up. Or, if you’d rather stay home, click here to order one online! There’s no time limit, so if you’re not ready to pack your boxes right away, you can still take advantage of the promotion now. (Hot tip: that also makes a Gather Box a great gift for a historically-minded friend or relative.)

The Gather Box service is meant only for prints. For a great value on slide scanning, check out our mail-in services for up to 25 slides or up to 100 slides (best value).

Some pictures need a little more than mere preservation, of course, and that’s where our crack team of custom imaging specialists comes in. Whether the problem is discoloration, cracking, fading, tearing—even if you just wish someone wasn’t in a particular picture—if it can be done, we can probably do it.

And, just because we want to be the ones to help you out, we’ll provide restoration services for 30% less than usual all August. For your most precious memories, it’s a small cost to pay to rescue them from the brink of destruction. I’ve seen folks laugh, I’ve seen folks gasp, and I’ve even seen them cry when they saw irreplaceable photos returned to their original glory.

Hope we’ll see you soon. Remember, the watchwords this month are preserve and restore!


    1. Good question, Darlene! The short answer is “however you’re comfortable with.” If you want to purchase the add-on service of scanning them in a specific order, make sure it’s very clear (notes are helpful). Otherwise, grouping the prints by size should allow you to organize them in such a way as to get as many as possible in the box.

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