Major Panasonic S1H firmware update available now

Mobile videographers using the S1H: your good thing just got better. Click here to download firmware version 2.1 and enjoy a plethora of new features and fixes! The biggest changes include the ability to output a maximum 5.9K/29.97p RAW Video Data Output to Atomos Ninja V HDR monitor-recorder over HDMI, as well as to record Apple ProRes RAW on the Atomos Ninja V. You can even download a LUT designed specifically for RAW video recorded on the Atomos.

If you’re not sure how to update your camera, please feel free to leave a comment below or visit your local Mike’s Camera and we will be happy to help you do so, free of charge. If you’re not sold on why, take a look at this explanation of the benefits of keeping your imaging gear up to date. Then, once you’re on board, you can use our Latest Firmware page as a quick and easy way to make sure you’re current every so often. The links will take you right to the newest download page!

You can read the full press release from Panasonic regarding the new firmware for the S1H below:

Panasonic Releases Firmware Version 2.1 for LUMIX S1H Supporting RAW Video Data Output

July 28, 2020

Newark, NJ  – Panasonic is pleased to announce the LUMIX S1H firmware update program Version 2.1 that supports RAW video data output. Working together with Atomos, a global company that creates video equipment for professional film creators, the new firmware enables the output of maximum 5.9K/29.97p and 59.94p 4K* RAW video data over HDMI to save it as Apple ProRes RAW on the Atomos Ninja V 4K HDR monitor-recorder. In addition, it further complies with 3.5K Anamorphic 4:3. Panasonic commits to provide innovative solutions for professional film creation by enabling all S1H users to receive this firmware free of charge.

The program will be available at LUMIX Global Customer Support website at 2:00 A.M.EDT on July 28, 2020.

LUMIX S1H Firmware Version 2.1

RAW video data output over HDMI

  • [5.9K] / [4K] / [Anamorphic (4:3) 3.5K] 12-bit RAW video data can be output over HDMI.
  • The Apple ProRes RAW can be recorded on Atomos Ninja V. *1

* 4128×2176(17:9), announced as “C4K” at IBC2019. Corresponding to C4K (4096×2160) as defined by Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI).

AreaResolutionFrame RateAspectHDMI Output
Full-Frame5.9K (5888×3312)29.97p/25p/23.98p16:912-bit
Super 35mm4K (4128×2176)59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p/23.98p17:912-bit
Super 35mm Anamorphic3.5K (3536×2656)50p/29.97p/25p/23.98p4:312-bit
  • V-Log or Rec.709 is selectable on Live View monitor during RAW output.
  • Shooting assist functions including WFM (Wave Form Monitor), Vector Scope, Luminance Spot Meter, Zebra Pattern can be used during RAW output.
  • A LUT (Lookup table) exclusively designed for RAW video recorded on NINJA V is available on the following customer support website to make the same color grading as
  • V-Log/V-Gamut. *2 It is easy to match colors between the footages recorded with Panasonic Varicam, EVA1 and GH5 series cameras to combine them.

*1 Selectable recording mode depends on the version of ATOMOS NINJA V. All functions may not be available depending on the situation.

*2 Software that supports Apple ProRes RAW is required to edit RAW video recorded with NINJA V.

  • Ninja V / ATOMOS are registered trademarks of ATOMOS Limited.
  • Apple and ProRes are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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