Nikon releases exciting roadmap for NIKKOR Z lenses through 2021

Just last week, we heard the exciting announcement of the NIKKOR Z 70–200mm f/2.8 lens, and the response has been great (as it has for all of the 11 lenses already available to order), but Nikon’s not stopping there. They’ve released a fairly detailed roadmap of the lenses they intend to release for the full-frame mirrorless Z-mount system by the end of next year, and it promises a wide variety of lenses covering focal lengths from 14–600mm in an array of specialized configurations. (And that’s not even counting their enormous back-catalog of F-mount lenses which can be used seamlessly with the FTZ adapter.) Nikon’s really showing off their optical chops by developing such a robust system within a mere three years of its announcement.

23 native lenses are promised by the end of 2021, about two thirds of which (!) are marked as belonging to the premium S-Line. There’s a clear commitment to quality here, and that can only be good for the art of photography. Click the images above to enlarge them, or download the PDF further down the page.

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