Sony users: get $200 back for shooting in style

Good news, everybody! If, during the period between September 5th and December 25th of this year, you have purchased (or will purchase) an α7R IV or α9 II as well as one of the G Master lenses listed below, you can receive a $200 Visa gift card just for registering your gear with Sony.

The camera and lens don’t have to have been purchased at the same time, or even from the same place. If you’ve already purchased both within the promotional period, surprise: you get an extra $200 back! If you’ve bought one but not the other, you’ll want to consider this opportunity. After all, if you’re shooting either the α7R IV or α9 II without a G Master lens, you’re not using it to its full potential—and that G Master glass is so nice that it’s a shame to use less than the absolute best body available.

Here’s how easy it is: register one camera and one lens from the gear list below (click here to do so) and Sony will send you a $200 Visa gift card—AND you’ll be entered in a drawing for an additional $1000. Camera and lens (in either order) must have been purchased during the promotional period, September 5 through December 25th, 2019.

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