Absolute confidence: the Olympus OM-D E-M1X

The mystery is over at last! Shipping late February, Olympus’s latest body packs a pro punch. See it first at a Mike’s Camera launch party! But first, sit back and enjoy this video overview…

Outstanding features

  • Integrated vertical grip with two battery slots
  • 7.5 stop IS system
  • Dual TruePic VIII processors
  • Ultra-rugged, dust-, splash-, and freeze-proof construction
  • Super-sonic wave duster filter keeps sensor dust at bay
  • AI-based Deep-Learning focusing to adaptively follow cars, aircraft, sports players, etc.
  • 50 MP handheld high-res mode plus a redeveloped 80 MP tripod high-res mode, both of which can output RAW files
  • Live ND for built-in light dampening
  • 400,000 shot shutter life

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Launch party!

Join us for three special evenings with representatives from Olympus, who will present an exclusive look at the future of Olympus photography. Be among the first to try the OM-D E-M1X, and enjoy some light refreshments!

Click the links below for more information or to register now.

Friday Feb 8th • 6:30–8:30 PM • Mike’s Camera, Sacramento
Thursday Feb 21st • 6:30–8:30 PM • Mike’s Camera, Boulder
Friday Feb 22nd • 6:30–8:30 PM • Mike’s Camera, Denver

All of the images below were taken using the high-res modes. Click for full detail!

Glamor shots

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