Half-week homework: Sand & Snow

Walking on a trash-strewn beach in Morocco in 2010, I was giddy over the wide array of curious items half-buried in the sand. It was a very specific kind of photographer’s paradise. (I love cans by the side of the road, too—no one knows why.) The images I took stuck with me, and I’ve continued to enjoy capturing sandscapes with unusual focal items.

Your challenge this week is to create or rustle up photos of subjects isolated by their environment—kind of a physical bokeh, if you will. The weirder the subject, the better! Sand was the catalyst for the idea, but for those not near a beach, snow works in almost exactly the same way. In fact, it might be fun to take some black and white photos of each and try to get people to guess which is which…

As always, please share your results on our Facebook page, or on Instagram with the tags #mymikescamera and #halfweekhomework. Can’t wait to see!

PS—happy birthday, mom!


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