Welcome 2019… and the new Color of the Year!

Enabling a “universal language of color,” Pantone is a little-known but highly important organization for color-obsessed folks such as we. Since inherent colors produced by each camera sensor, scanner, monitor, and printer are all different, the ability to calibrate devices to control for their differences based on a standard is indispensable to quality work. (If you’re not calibrating your monitor, now is a perfect time to resolve to improve your results. Check out our full line of accuracy tools now!)

From developing swatches to systems for ensuring color accuracy to simply making less-obvious areas of the spectrum accessible for the layman, they’re behind many of the ways we interact with color as a society. For example, have you ever wondered who, exactly, decides what is “in style?” There’s no easy answer, but Pantone’s Color of the Year selection is certainly a part of it.

Thus, we bid adieu to last year’s enigmatic and spiritual Ultra Violet (click for details)

…and welcome 2019’s Living Coral (click for details)! Lively yet gentle, this naturally-inspired hue nourishes the heart and excites the spirit.

Consider the theme in your photography and design work for an extra splash of hip.

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