Half-week homework: SNOW!

At the very, very end of a very dry December, Colorado finally got a decent storm, so what I had planned for this week will have to wait for the next. I apologize that this week’s challenge will be a little harder for our California readers, but it’s too exciting to ignore: get out there and shoot that snow!

  • Try manually focusing on falling snow itself. Using a fast shutter speed, you can catch the snowflakes in action and turn whatever’s behind it into a bokeh-licious backdrop.
  • Revisit some of your favorite photo spots to catch them in a new set of clothes. You could even work on building a set of all four seasons in one location!
  • Falling, kicked, or thrown snow (snowballs, anyone?) can enliven portraits and inspire big, genuine smiles to go with those rosy cheeks.
  • Put your sharpest macro lens to the test: try to capture individual snowflake shapes in the wild!

Make sure you stay safe, too! Dress warmly, bring supplies equal to the wilderness of your trek, and don’t play too close to the freeway.

Show off your shivery snapshots by posting them on our Facebook page or on Instagram, tagged with #mymikescamera and #halfweekhomework.

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