You can save your negatives, too!

At the beginning of the month, I wrote about the Mike’s Camera Gather Box and how easy it can make archiving your printed memories. Several readers asked the same question in response: what about negatives and slides?

Can we do it? Yes, we scan! (And for the next two weeks, you might be looking at the best possible price.) Negatives and slides of all sizes are just as—if not more—prone to deterioration as prints, and the images they contain are equally invaluable.

How it works

It’s just as easy to get your film digitized as it is your prints. Simply gather up what you need to have preserved and bring it to your neighborhood Mike’s Camera! We offer “bulk” scanning of the most common types of film as well as one-by-one flatbed scans for frames that are unusually sized or require a higher resolution.

Once the film has been scanned, it’s easy to duplicate the data. Like I’ve said before, it’s always a wise idea to keep multiple copies of your images. Make one master to store away safely, then extras for anyone who might want to use the files.

What we can scan

Eligible for our bulk services are the most common film formats:

  • 35mm film
  • 120 film
  • 35mm/126/110 slides in a standard mount

However, we have the ability to professionally digitize just about any other format, as well! That includes 110, 116, 126, 127, APS, Disc, sheet film, and more. Our imaging specialists have a lot of experience, and together, we’ve seen just about everything. Don’t give up on anything as too weird! Click here to read more about our services.

The Pick Of The Week opportunity

That being said, most of you probably have archives eligible for our bulk services. If so, you’re in luck—though that luck comes with a little extra urgency! Now through October 6th, our Pick Of The Week entitles you to the lowest price you’re likely to see: 75¢ per slide or strip of cut film. Stop by any location for complete details and an estimate for the time needed to preserve your repository of life’s great moments, and be sure to sign up for our email newsletter to get the scoop on every sale this good.

Possibilities are limitless…

Don’t forget that, once you’ve made all those moments accessible, there’s so much you can do with them! Don’t let those images go from languishing on film to languishing on a disc; they’re a gold mine of emotion and excitement—not to mention holiday gift opportunities. Dad’s childhood hound on a memorial tile? Great-grandpa’s cabin on a camp cup? These are the things that are more than just things.

Coasters are a great way to display square frames!

It’s difficult to overstate the emotional impact of memories recorded decades ago returning to life. Some of the most rewarding moments in this line of work have been helping find the perfect way to display someone’s most cherished memories. Tears flow, hearts glow, and we remember that this is what it’s all about—documenting the connections we spend our lives nurturing, immortalizing the little details forming the foundations of our selves.

Ready to get started? Visit us today!

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