A legacy secured: the ultimate gift.

September is Save Your Photos month, an awareness outreach by the Association of Professional Photo Organizers focused on helping families preserve their stories for future generations.

Put those eggs in every basket

I love prints (no, really—us photo geeks love them), but natural disasters and the ravages of time have proven problematic for far too many photo collections. When was the last time you looked at someone’s photo collection and wished there was some way to share the photos and to keep the stories contained within them alive? Fortunately, we live in an age in which it is easier than ever to digitize physical media of all kinds. The Gather Box is the ideal gift for any family historian, or anyone who has a library of awesome shots stuck in the physical realm.

Your solution: the Gather Box

  1. Visit any Mike’s Camera location.
  2. Buy a Gather Box and gift it at your leisure.
  3. The recipient fills the box and drops it off at the most convenient Mike’s Camera location for them.
  4. After a little time, they can come back to see us and find your prints just as they left them, with a CD or two magically holding every image!

For $349 $249, we’ll scan the images in a Gold Gather Box at 600 PPI—big enough to print a 4×6 as an 8×12—and print a proof book as a quick visual reference to track down specific images on the disc. If lower resolution scans will be good enough, the regular Gather Box service ($249 $199) will provide a disc of the images at 300 PPI, enough to print them at the same size or smaller, but you’ll have to use a computer to preview the contents of the disc. Each box holds about 2000 4×6 prints at maximum, making this by far the cheapest way to have us preserve images for generations to come. Once the scanning is done, copies are cheap, too!

Even better: save big through Saturday!

That’s right: the Gather Box is on sale NOW! Save $100 on a Gold Gather Box or $50 on a regular, making the service only $249 or $199, respectively. Don’t miss the best deal you’ll find on professional archiving of the images that matter to your family. Trust me—I’ve given them as gifts before, and the joy that comes from having these images accessible and safe is a treasure that only grows more valuable with time. Hope to see you in the next couple days!


    1. Absolutely! They’re not included in the Gather Box service, but we’ve scanned thousands of slides and would love to do more. (Heck—I, personally, have scanned thousands of slides!) If you have lots, I’d recommend coming into the store and picking up a few of our carousel scan boxes. If you’re willing to load them in the carousels (which gives you control over the order, too), you can save a bundle on our normal price for loose slides.

      1. Hey, Sara! While they’re not part of the Gather Box service, we can scan 35mm, 120, and slides at all of our locations. Just stop by any Mike’s Camera and we can get you started!

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