Be Alpha… professionally. Calling Alpha Females!

The backstory

On August 15th, Sony announced that they have officially maintaned the #1 position in the full-frame interchangeable-lens cameras in the United States for the first half of 2018, in both dollars and units. Celebrating this achievement, as well as that of surpassing 1,000,000 followers of the @SonyAlpha Instagram page, they launched the Be Alpha campaign, which serves to highlight the work of some of the most talented users of Sony’s Alpha-series cameras. Get involved by using #BeAlpha on your own work!

The opportunity

In conjunction with Be Alpha, Sony announced a forthcoming Alpha Female program, providing grants and mentorship opportunities for female photographers and/or videographers. If you’re familiar with our many special events, you may have noticed that some of the pros delivering (awesome) lectures are sponsored in their work by certain manufacturers and wondered, “How the heck could I get that gig?” Well, if you are a female professional photographer or videographer in the US or Canada and the following describe you (regardless of what kind of camera you use now), this is exactly how!

The ideal candidate meets the following foundational criteria:

  1. She is a full-time professional photographer or videographer/filmmaker.
  2. She is committed to the pursuit of this career and understands the hard work required to achieve success.
  3. She has made progress on her own, and has a clear vision for what her career should be, but has encountered specific roadblocks that this program would help her overcome.
  4. She is committed to being successful and taking full advantage of the Creator-in-Residence program to advance her career.
  5. She is ready to work with a Mentor and is open to learning and building her skill set.
  6. She has the ability to travel at least three times during the program to participate in program activities.

The details

Five talented women will receive $5,000 worth of gear, $25,000 to take their businesses to the next level, and a robust mentorship package including close, personal assistance in growth, industry networking opportunities, a gallery showing, and more.

Want to know more? Ready to give it a shot? Click here to apply!

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