A new choice for WIDE + LIGHT from Tamron

Tamron has announced a new ultra-wide, ultra-portable zoom lens. Pre-order it here now! Read the press release below; sample images follow.

The lens will be available September 4th in a Nikon mount. The Canon mount will be released at a later date. Place your order here now to make sure you’re early in line, or visit your nearest store.

August 6, 2018, Commack, New York
Tamron announces the launch of a new ultra-wide-angle zoom lens, the 17-35mm F/2.8-4 Di OSD (Model A037), for 35mm full-frame DSLR cameras. The vision behind the Model A037 is that of an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens that has a separate concept from SP 15-30mm F/2.8 Di VC USD (Model A012), with superb image quality and easy portability. At just 3.5 in in length and 16.2 oz. in weight, it is the smallest and lightest in its class. The focal length ranges from an ultra-wide 17mm that is suitable for professional landscape photography to a standard 35mm perfect for snapshot photography. As for F-stops, the wide-angle end is a large aperture F/2.8, and at the telephoto end is a fast F/4. The Moisture-Resistant Construction and Fluorine Coating help to enhance the user’s photographic experience. For those looking to try out an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens for the first time, as well as having a lens that is easily portable, the A037 is the definitive choice.


  • High-performance imaging for shooting vast landscapes in sharp detail
  • Advanced coating technology along with proprietary ghosting analysis simulation technology enabled the high level of backlighting control
  • OSD (Optimized Silent Drive) enables both excellent AF speed and drive noise reduction
  • Circular aperture to produce a smooth-edged bokeh
  • Moisture-Resistant Construction
  • Fluorine Coating
  • Compatible with TAMRON TAP-in Console

Sample Images

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