Sony Saturday: G Master 400mm f/2.8 + RX100 VI coming soon!

Two exciting new products from Sony will be coming to a Mike’s Camera near you very soon! Click the links below or visit any Mike’s Camera to pre-order; read on for a quick digest of why you just might be ecstatic over these releases.

The CyberShot DSC-RX100M6—a.k.a. the RX100 VI—will be available for sale on July 10.
Click here to pre-order!
The FE 400mm f/2.8 GM OSS will start shipping in September 2018.
Click here to pre-order!

The RX100 VI: Unprecedented premium compact zoom

Sony’s RX100 family continues to grow. The newest iteration is defined by several features never seen in its brethren:

  • 24–200mm equivalent zoom (I and II have 28-100mm equivalent zooms; III, IV, and V have 24-70mm equivalent zooms). That’s a lot of range for a 1″ sensor!
  • Maximum aperture size is reduced to f/2.8-4.5, but optical stabilization is improved to a claimed 4-stop capability.
  • The 3″ LCD has a full 180°-up/90°-down tilting capability, making it perfect for both selfies and video stabilization (as well as creative angling).

  • For the first time, touchscreen capability in an RX100-series camera!
  • 233 JPG+RAW buffer (over 50% increase from the RX100 V).
  • 4K HDR capability in-camera.
  • Though it’s not unique in the series, it’s worth mentioning that this is one of the few point-and-shoot form-factor cameras that has a viewfinder.

The RX100 series has caught on sensationally among a wide swath of photographers, in many ways because there are so many combinations of features and price point from which to choose. (The fact that it squeezes a 1″ sensor in a point-and-shoot body doesn’t hurt, either.) Is this the one that ticks every box for you? Order today!

The FE 400mm f/2.8 GM OSS: The one pros have been waiting for

Sony has been working hard to capture a segment of the professional sports and wildlife photography market, and the high-speed super-telephoto they’re adding to the G Master series seems like a perfect companion to the α9.


I won’t say that lenses like this are a dime a dozen, as they’re generally priced a little higher than that, but the concept—400mm f/2.8, built in tripod mount, giant traveling case included—is not anything new. Releasing this lens alone is certainly a marker of Sony’s confidence in their FE system in the professional sports/wildlife markets. That being said, this lens also stands out from the old stand-byes in a few key ways. Once again, let’s make it digestible with bullet points!

  • The lens, at just over 6 pounds, is now the lightest 400mm f/2.8 available, and was specifically designed to not be front-heavy to improve handheld and monopod performance.
Compared against Sony’s own previous A-mount design of a similar lens.
  • Newly-developed “XD Linear Motors” drive a rather sophisticated auto-focus system.
  • A third OSS mode has been added, designed for tracking moving subjects.
  • A DMF switch gives you the option to make focus adjustments manually no matter what AF mode you are using.
  • In addition to the focus ring, there is a function ring with two modes. “Preset” allows you to define a specific focus point and immediately snap to that point with a small twist of the ring. “Function” allows you to customize the ring to control a variety of other parameters.
  • A drop-in filter slot allows you to customize your shooting with 40.5mm filters, including a specially designed polarizer that can be rotationally adjusted while mounted inside the lens.

Talk about a dream lens! If you want to make sure you’re first on the list, click here to preorder today!

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