A certain quiet readiness of style: the Fuji X-T100 lands

Starting Monday, June 18, a very limited supply of the brand new Fuji X-T100 will be available at Mike’s Camera! Check out the eye-catching champagne gold finish.

Also available in less-daring colors, of course.

The X-T100 carves out a new line in the Fuji X-mount interchangeable-lens camera family. Settling snugly between the also-newly-announced Fuji X-A5 and the X-20, the X-T100 offers retro styling with modern functionality. The classic pentaprism hump built into the design hides, instead, both a high-magnification electronic viewfinder and a pop-up flash. The X-T100 joins the X-A5 as one of the select few Fuji cameras with a traditional Bayer-pattern sensor; it also sports a more standard P/A/S/M design for manual control rather than the unique-among-digital-cameras-yet-standard-for-film-cameras dial design Fuji has adopted for most of its other cameras. The much-acclaimed film-simulation modes, however, are just as effective in the X-T100 as in the higher-end models in the X-series.

The X-T100 also packs a fully-articulated touch-screen (not just one that tilts), WiFi, and (newly) Bluetooth functionality, all at only 448 grams. Between the always-available wireless functionality, lightweight, and feature-packed control/playback functionality, the Fuji X-T100 is a camera that you can both carry and depend on all the time. As noted previously, allocations are extremely limited, so order now to guarantee you’re one of the first in line. Click here for body-only, or here to order as a kit with the 15-45mm OIS PZ lens.

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