Artistic dad? Journalistic grad? Sigma Art lenses are on sale!

The “Art” badge on a Sigma lens indicates a devotion to quality and artistic capability over all other considerations. These lenses are not made to be compact, nor jacks of all trades; they are each made to produce breathtaking images within the constraints of their own specific intentions.

And, this week only, they’re on sale! We know that many of you are still looking for the perfect graduation gift or preparing for Father’s Day, and we’re here to help. Available for both Nikon F-mount cameras and Canon EF-mount cameras, there are a wide variety of these quality lenses on sale. Plus, for anyone using the Sony E-mount, the MC-11 adapter is $100 off this week as well.

From wide-to-normal zooms…

14-24mm f/2.8
18-35mm f/1.8
24-35mm f/2

…to a complete range of fast prime lenses…

14mm f/1.8
20mm f/1.4
24mm f/1.4
35mm f/1.4
50mm f/1.4
135mm f/1.8

…and even including a reasonably fast all-in-one lens, surely something from the line will tempt you.

24-105mm f/4

And don’t forget the MC-11, a full-auto adapter from Canon EF-mount to Sony E-mount, is $100 off as well, this week only.

MC-11 Mount Adapter—only $149.99!
Prepare for high quality photography! Enjoy one as a present to yourself, or give it to someone else to make them a very happy camper… and improve the image quality of the photos that appear on your social media digest. Not a bad double-duty!

Even used at its artiest, the Sigma 14mm f/1.8 stays crisp and clear. Photo by Jeni Olivas, Mike’s Camera – Colorado Springs

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