Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Happy Friday! Did you remember that Father’s Day is next weekend? As a guy who is very close to his father, I love the excuse to celebrate him, but it’s easy to find the holiday coming up sooner than expected. If you’re interested in picking up a gift in the next week that will really wow your dad, look no further than this guide!

The Emotional Impact

As much as so many of us are excited by the technological side of digital imaging, we must remember that the whole point is to be able to immortalize our unique experiences as humans on this planet. Let dad enjoy the experiences you’ve captured by bringing them into the physical realm!

NOTE: Custom photo gifts take time to produce. Some products may be ordered as late as June 13th to be ready before Father’s Day, but others may need even more time. Get your order in as soon as possible, and talk to an imaging specialist at your neighborhood Mike’s Camera directly to confirm the exact turnaround for your item.

The Brand New Hobby

Are we going to cover gifts for photographers? Of course; this is the Mike’s Camera blog. If dad’s not into it yet, however, here are a few hot deals on all-in-one kits. Update dad’s existing kit in one fell swoop or get him set up for proper photography for the first time ever. And don’t forget that EVERY camera you buy at Mike’s comes with a Perfect Picture Pak—almost $200 of printed products and services, included at no extra cost!

The Photographer/Videographer’s Gadgets

Dad loves imaging? Dad loves the perks of living in our modern era? As promised, these are the gifts for him.

The Every-Day Carry

Not every gift has to be showy or extravagant. One of the most unexpectedly great gifts in my life was a very high-quality pair of nail clippers, as it has made my life better every week ever since. Here are a few items that could make dad’s life a little better, day after day—a gift that keeps on giving!

Surely, something in this list whets your interest, and will, more importantly, whet your father’s as well. Have a happy Father’s Day next weekend!


  1. Hi, I want to order some 16 x 20s for Father’s Day. What code do I need to use to get the price of $9.99? When I have uploaded and ready to order I get the 27.99 price for each 16 x 20. Thanks!

    1. Hi, David! I’m troubleshooting our website; it was supposed to be a standing discount, but it doesn’t seem to have translated. Please go ahead and order the prints to be paid in-store and reference this blog/the sale and we’ll take care of you. If you were planning to have the prints shipped, please call a store manager and reference this blog/sale and we’ll make sure that you only pay the correct amount. Sorry about the inconvenience!

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