Get ahead of the game and save 20% on greeting cards all of November

You know the feeling. Or maybe you don’t; maybe I’m more out of touch than I think I am. Regardless, the point remains the same: it is awesome to get something physical in the mail from a friend.

Check this out: the other day, a buddy of my wife’s—older guy, real classy—he mails us a newspaper clipping he considered relevant to our interests. When she opened the envelope, I couldn’t believe it. My delight was palpable in more ways than one. File that under experiences both treasured and endangered. Who else’s grandma used to save a whole pile of newspaper clippings for the next time they saw someone? Something about that “share” button hits a little differently, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

I can’t say I’ve mailed anyone a newspaper clipping lately, but there is one form of postal contact which I am proud to say I’ve maintained on a regular basis for quite some time, and that’s holiday greeting cards. It’s a great way to keep the less social-media-friendly apprised of your big life events, a great excuse to make art, and (most of all, restating the thesis) it is just a darn good feeling to have your life physically injected with a lovely little message from people that have warmed your heart throughout the years.

My parents used to hand-color their cards. Hand-color! These days, you can design anything you want in 15 minutes and have it printed up proper. I ask you—why on earth, why on earth wouldn’t you go ahead and do that? “I’m not creative, I don’t know what I would do”—I’ve heard the excuses and I don’t buy them a bit. Nothing wrong with using a template, eh? They look amazing and they make your friends and family feel like a million. Or go all out—I’m no stranger to devoting what most people would consider an “unreasonable” amount of time to creative endeavors with no reward beyond the (more than sufficient) satisfaction of a job well done.

Whatever you do, just remember: physical greetings are something special, but it’ll cost you a little something to manifest them. Lotta places—say, Mike’s Camera—the sooner you order ’em, the less it’ll cost you. Get ’em in this month, and they’re taking a fifth off the top. Say, that ain’t too bad! At that price, you can have a few more printed. Send one to me, won’t ya?

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