August: and with it arrives a frugal option for video tape to digital transfers

“You want me to watch a video on this thing? Should I start digging a pit for cooking dinner too, or are we allowed some modern conveniences, dad?”

“Hush, you, miss modern. I already had Mike’s convert these ones to MP4s—I’m not completely lost in the future. I just thought you might want to hold one, for old times’ sake.” You watch her turn the VHS tape over in her hand a few times, flick at the dust flap.

“I guess it does tickle the core memories a bit. I don’t miss the static or manually finding the good parts, though.” She peers at the reels through the clear windows in the case. “Uh oh, looks like someone didn’t be kind and rewind…”

You feel a sheepish smile growing. “I, uh, guess I’d better get to work on that fire pit. I kind of do miss tracking and weird sound and all that stuff. I couldn’t help but put a few of these on for the ‘full experience.’ Figured it might be ok since it’s probably the last run for them, but I guess you listened when I said that it’s worth doing right if it’s worth doing at all.”

The media server’s been booted up for a while now. You flop on the couch and pat the cushion next to you. “Come on. Check out this great clip from when we visited your mom’s German family and her uncles ended up drinking out of trash cans. Your grandma’s going to flip when I share this.” You giggle as you switch to full-screen, easing into a sigh as it dies down. “Man, we haven’t seen some of these guys in years. Look, he’s the one with the fur coats I told you about. You’ve gotta get over there one of these days.”

She leans forward, amused, but even more: drawn in by visions of legends at once familiar and alien. “Him? I can totally see it. Super sketch. Did you film the whole time? I know you’ve been over there a few times.”

“I did what I could,” you say, rubbing your chin, “but it ain’t easy to capture the whole experience.”

Honestly? You’re pretty impressed at how well you did capture it. You can’t wait to share the highlights—not just with mom, but everyone.

For the month of August, transfer your video tapes to digital for only $29 each (up to two hours). Video tape formats include VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Digital 8, HDV, MiniDV, Betamax, Betacam, & U-Matic. Since we’ll need the physical items, this deal is in-store only. Don’t delay! Heat and magnets are always lurking. Preserve those memories for the future today.

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  1. I get your emails but haven’t been to the Dublin store for a long time. I always appreciated the information from a couple classes I took, enjoyed the Diva’s nights, etc. The camera I have was purchased there, although I admit I have fallen back on using the cellphone for taking pictures. I forgot about your sale this month and have at least 1 VHS tape to transfer. Apparently you always have this service and I will bring it in as soon as possible, although I realize that I will be paying regular price. Thank you for the email reminder that you have the service. Janice Kerbel

    1. Thank you so much for your warm comment, Janice! I’m glad we’ve been able to offer you a lot of enjoyment over the years. Sorry you missed the sale, but I appreciate that you still see the value in the service. There’s something really exciting about rescuing those flickering moments for renewed remembrance.

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