End-of-summer savings on the formidable OM-1

Starting right now, OM System is offering a $200 bonus trade-in value on any working interchangeable lens camera body toward its flagship OM-1 camera (body-only or kit with M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm F2.8 PRO ll lens). That means you’ll get your old gear’s full trade-in value plus the $200 bonus. Combined with the current rebate of $200, that’s a total savings of $400, and that’s not counting your trade-in credit! Sounds like a great time to make the switch… but don’t delay, as these savings are for a limited time only.

Whether you’re gearing up for one more big summer excursion or the holidays at home, OM System’s OM-1 is a great choice. Not only can you count on the quality of its sensor but also the technology backing it up—stabilization, a powerful processor doing robust in-camera optimization, intuitive controls, and more—plus it’s all wrapped up in a body that is both rugged and comfortable enough to carry for as long as you might need to, wherever you might need to.

Click the links below to learn more about the eligible products or top in at a Mike’s Camera near you to take a gander in person—and don’t forget your trade-in camera!


    1. Sometimes! Call your local Mike’s to see if they have an interest or watch for one of our Expo events. We often do buying then.

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