OM System presents the OM-5

Just one day before the first anniversary of the birth of OM System, they’ve announced their second camera body. Essentially replacing the OM-D E-M5 Mark III, the OM-5 promises a smart and stable image capture device in a compact and durable body.

Available in black or silver, this camera should start shipping shortly. Click the link below or visit a Mike’s Camera near you to stake your claim today! πŸ‘

The OM-5 is clearly designed for someone both discerning and adventurousβ€”someone with the creativity to have a vision and the skill to capture it, but who is unwilling to compromise the experience of the journey in order to capture it. Weighing just under 13 oz and pocketable (with the right lens and clothing), the OM-5 is certainly not the kind of camera that will saddle the moment with unbearable weight. And its weather sealed construction allows it to be equally unburdened by the more exciting moments in the adventure.

The 20.4 MP sensor records 4L 30p video; driven by the latest TruePic processor, all kinds of computational features are possible, viz. Live Composite, LiveND, and the ever-popular Handheld High Res Shot. (In case you’re not familiar, this mode utilizes the 6.5-stop in-body stabilization system to shift the sensor around and composite multiple exposures into a huge 50 MP image.)

The IBIS system (which can sync with compatible lenses for even greater stability) in combination with the cutting room-friendly OM-Log400 video mode suggests that some very eye-catching footage is going to be recorded on this little guy… oop, and it can do vertical video, too? Time to step up your social media game!

Regardless whether you’re angling to influence or to arrest the fleeting, the OM-5 looks like a winning tool to tell your story. Plus, if you order your OM System OM-5 before November 30th, 2022, you’ll get OM System’s two year Ultimate Care Protect Plan free, extending limited warranty coverage to a total of three years. Pre-order yours today!

Improvements over the previous generation

OM-5OM-D E-M5 Mark III
Image processorTruePicIXTruePicVIII
Protection ratingIP53IPX1
IBIS6.5 stops5.5 stops
Sync IS7.5 stops6.5 stops
Handheld High Res Shot50 MP❌
LiveNDND 16❌
Interval Mode
(Exposure Smoothing)
Starry Sky AFβœ…βŒ
Face/Eye Detection AFImprovedβœ”οΈ
Custom AF target modeβœ…βŒ
Discrete vertical/horizontal
AF area setting
MF Assistβœ…βŒ
Custom modesUp to 4 settings
(can be called by buttons)
Up to 3 settings
(can not call by buttons)
My Menuβœ…βŒ
Recording time limitNone29:00
OM-Log picture modeβœ…βŒ
Red frame rec indicatorβœ…βŒ
Vertical video supportβœ…βŒ
Wireless RC compatibilityRM-WR1❌

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