For September, save something old and make something new

It is Wednesday, my dudes, and it is also the first of September. That means the duo of deals we’re offering on imaging is changing once again. You’ll have to physically gather your photos for our scanning special, but you can order the boxes online… and, of course, photo book savings are available both in-store on our website, as well! Read on for the details, then get to the fun part: enjoying images, new and old! Both of these deals are valid through the end of September 2021, but when it’s time to flip the calendar to October, they disappear. (So don’t delay!)

First for your consideration is a cool 20% discount on our custom photo books—as many as you would like of whichever kind you prefer. And we have quite a a few kinds:

Books are an outstanding way to present ideas, encapsulate a trip, or relive memories with those that you love. Use code 839 when you’re checking out to apply that promo.

Surprise! Due to popular demand, we are reprising June’s nice price on the perennially popular Gather Box. You’re probably familiar with this convenient portal to the past (decades of history in one little box!) but if not, here are the details.

Step 1: gather the Gather Box(es): simple 12x9x4 boxes with endless possibilities. You can stop by your neighborhood Mike’s Camera and load up or order online and have us ship them to you.

Step 2: decide whether you are going to keep your Gather Box(es) or make someone’s whole year by giving them the gift of photographic preservation. For extra credit, why not do both?

Step 3: fill the box(es) with loose photos. You can fit roughly 1,500 4×6 prints in a box, but that number can vary widely if your prints are larger or smaller.

Step 4: return the box(es) at your leisure to the store. Once you’ve purchased the service it never expires, so don’t worry if it takes you quite some time to get your prints together. That being said, the sooner you return a box, the sooner you’ll get to enjoy those professionally digitized images!

Step 5: despite requiring the least effort, this is the hardest one—you have to wait until we’re done scanning! Please bear in mind that it can take a little longer when we run a special like this one, and remember that we are taking the same great care of your photos as we are of all the other ones that come in.

Step 6: once we let you know that we are done, you can pick up your originals and final digital files! A Basic Gather Box includes 300 PPI scans on a DVD, which are sufficient for reproducing your photos at the same physical size. If you opt for the Gold version, we’ll put 600 PPI scans onto a USB drive, which will have the resolution necessary to print new copies up to four times as large. Either way, you can rest easy knowing that those hundreds and hundreds of irreplaceable memories have been prepared for easy duplication, preservation, restoration, social media shareification, and more.

Ready to give it a try? Use code 72065 to save $50 on a Basic box, or code 28793 to save $100 on a Gold box.

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