Save on passport portraits and film prints all May

May Day, May Day! If you’re into traditional European culture you may be contemplating a ceremonial pole or worrying about snakes, but we’re marking this milestone in the progression of spring with some simple savings that will help your spirit bloom in time with nature. Check out the savings below, and don’t forget that National Photo Week starts tomorrow.

Note that both of these deals are in-store only, so plan to come on down to a Mike’s Camera near you.

As one long-infected with the travel bug, I have been keeping a careful eye on travel restrictions for many months. At long last, numerous countries have started to reveal their timelines for a safe return to normalcy. If you’re as excited as I am, take a moment to make sure you don’t find yourself scrambling to salvage plans at the last minute as a result of one simple mistake. The question you must answer, the sooner the better: is your passport expired?

If it is (or is getting close), let us help you remedy the situation! Walk in to any Mike’s Camera location, no appointment required, and save 10% on high-quality passport photos. We can even do standard US passport photos while you wait!

We aren’t limited to that format, of course—we can handle all your photo ID needs, including international visas. We can provide printed or digital ID photos, depending on your specific needs, and we care about how you like it. We’ll keep clicking until you’re happy with how you look! (Hey, you might be stuck with it for ten years. We get it!)

You can be totally confident in our photos. Not only does each store’s professional mini-studio make it easy for our folks to get the lighting and background just right, we guarantee success. In the (extremely rare) circumstance that your photo is rejected, we will redo it at no charge.

One of the most common questions people ask when my time in the Mike’s Camera lab comes up is, “do people even use film anymore?” The strong affirmative answer comes much to their surprise (though, presumably, not to yours), and we’re proud to be one of the few remaining places to develop not only standard color negatives (C-41) but also black & white and slide film (E-6). We can do 35mm, 110, 120, sheet film, and more; we can push, pull, and cross-process; and once the film is developed, we can put the image on just about anything you can imagine. Pretty cool!

Oddly, as choosing to use film is unequivocally a choice to embrace the analog, many folks only put their film on… disc. Now, I’m not putting that down per se: getting preview images digitally is more economical, efficient, and environmentally-friendly than automatically printing absolutely everything. That being said, there’s a certain something special about getting a packet of freshly-developed film back and thumbing eagerly through gorgeous lab prints to see what magic you’ve captured. In the spirit of making that joy more accessible—especially if you rarely see your film images in a true print form—we’re offering a single set of prints as a mere $3 add-on for any develop-and-scan order this month. (Yes, even on 36-exposure rolls.)

Here’s a fun idea, if you’re not convinced you need a set of prints: get out and collect a whole roll of delightful images, then give every print away. Mail them to friends, surprise your partner at dinner, leave them as surprises in public places—however you want to do it, just do it in a way that adds a little pure aesthetic enjoyment to the world. I guarantee you’ll like the results!

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