Save an extra $300 when you trade up to an Olympus OM-D E-M1X

Dovetailing perfectly with our trade-in events throughout November, Olympus is offering a highly enticing bonus for anyone considering their top-tier camera. Sell us any working interchangeable lens camera, and you’ll get $300.00 in addition to your camera’s trade-in value when you apply it to the professional’s OM-D, the E-M1X.

Why choose the OM-D E-M1X? In short, for absolute confidence in your camera.

  • Integrated vertical grip with two battery slots
  • 7.5 stop IS system
  • Dual TruePic VIII processors
  • Ultra-rugged, dust-, splash-, and freeze-proof construction
  • Super-sonic wave duster filter keeps sensor dust at bay
  • AI-based Deep-Learning focusing to adaptively follow cars, aircraft, sports players, etc.
  • 50 MP handheld high-res mode plus a redeveloped 80 MP tripod high-res mode, both of which can output RAW files
  • Live ND for built-in light dampening
  • 400,000 shot shutter life

Click here to view a gallery of samples shot using an E-M1X.

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