New from Canon: an update for savvy casual mirrorless shooters & a very unusual long zoom

Canon introduced two new cameras into its lineup this morning: the EOS M50 Mark II APS-C mirrorless EF-M-mount camera and the PowerShot ZOOM “compact telephoto monocular.” Read on for more!

The EOS M50 Mark II

The first-gen EOS M50 came out in 2018 and it has proven quite popular with folks looking for something more than a basic, entry-level camera without breaking the bank or overcomplicating the experience. New autofocus improvements, video functions, and streaming/cloud integration promise to make using the Mark II an even more seamless, fun, and rewarding experience.

Take a journey through a day enhanced by the EOS M50 Mark II with Vanessa Joy, a working photographer and Canon Explorer of Light…

Here’s the list of new features, direct from Canon:

• Improved autofocus including eye autofocus for stills and video
• Vertical video shooting support
• Vari-angle touchscreen LCD with newly added tap video record button and movie self-timer for better vlogging experience
• High quality webcam capability, when used with compatible services, with the free EOS Webcam Utility software or Clean HDMI output
• Wireless YouTube Live streaming capability**
• The ability to tap the screen to auto focus on your subject while looking through the EVF, helping to control who the main focus of the image is

** The live streaming service available with this product is for live streaming on YouTube only. To use live streaming, you need to have an active YouTube account and an account. Please be aware that YouTube may change, stop, or terminate its services, including live streaming, at any time without notice. In accordance with YouTube’s “Restrictions on live streaming” users must have a minimum of 1,000 channel subscribers in order to live stream from a mobile device (including camera products with live streaming capability). For up-to-date information from YouTube on restrictions, please visit Canon makes no representations or warranties with respect to any third party product or service, including live streaming.

The EOS M50 Mark II is slated to arrive in late November, and will be available in black or white, on its own or in kits with one or two lenses. Click here for available configurations and to pre-order today!

The PowerShot ZOOM

Also announced today, the PowerShot zoom seems to be positioned primarily more as a compact distance viewer more than a normal “camera,” but you can, indeed, record 12 MP still photos and FHD 30p video at up to a mind-boggling 800mm-equivalent zoom. The ZOOM allows you to switch between three zoom levels at the press of a button, covering 100mm and 400mm optically and jumping to 800mm digitally (35mm equivalent fields of view). Connect to a smart device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to share images plucked from afar immediately, or simply record to a microSD card for less urgent captures. Contact your local Mike’s Camera if you’re interested in this curious little camera; the PowerShot ZOOM is also expected to ship next month.

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