Join Mike’s Camera & Nikon for our virtual expo

Nikon-lovers, rejoice—we may not be able to bring reps into our stores this year, but later this month we’ll be bringing them into your home instead! The two-day digital expo is completely free and you’re welcome to attend as many events as you would like. Each day will feature four photography classes as well as an open small-group discussion period where you’ll be able to video chat with several different Nikon specialists.

The classes will cover a wide variety of subjects, from photo basics to specialized shooting scenarios, and are bound to both excite your creativity and imbue the knowledge you need to capture those visions. The classes are not pre-recorded, and (depending on available time) the reps from Nikon will be able to answer any questions that remain after each presentation, live.

To sign up, click the links below. You’ll receive a confirmation email right away with a link to the event. When you’re ready to join on Friday and/or Saturday, just click that link and you’ll be in! You DO need to register for both if you would like to attend both days. Please also note that all times are in MDT—everyone is welcome, but make sure you’ve adjusted for your local time zone!

Click here to register for Friday, August 28
Click here to register for Saturday, August 29

The open discussion period will take place in a Remo virtual conference room. You are free to move between “tables” at will, and there will only be five others in your group at any given moment. The link is not the same as the one used to access the classes and will be provided to attendees separately.

On Friday, we will be hosting Andy Dunaway, Michael Dionne, Jeff Mitchell, Alex Podstawski, and Sara Wood. On Saturday, Mark Kettenhofen, Michael Dionne, Jeff Mitchell, Alex Podstawksi, and Tony Krup will be available. The system is fairly straightforward, but if you want to make sure your ducks are in a row, click here to check out this short tutorial video.

So, make sure your webcam and microphone are working, register for both days, and we’ll see you there. Be sure to watch our online calendar or sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss our other exciting online learning opportunities.

Friday’s classes
Click here to register

Saturday’s classes
Click here to register


  1. As a west coaster, I hope that these will be recorded so that we may watch later if unable to attend at the listed Mountain Times.

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