Half-week homework: Enter a contest

We’ve all taken at least one spectacular photo in our lives, and if you’re practicing regularly by doing things like my weekly photo challenges (🙂) you’ve surely created more than a few outstanding images.

The question then becomes, “what should I do with all these awesome shots?”

Of course, there are many printing options that provide you with something to enjoy personally, make a gift special, or sell—from luxurious archival prints to wall decor to calendars and much more—but this week, I want your goal to find an audience rather than create physical output. Your challenge is to enter a photography contest and see if you can get a little recognition for your visual-art vision.

Pictured: you?

Contests are everywhere if you take a little time to seek them out. Museums, clubs, small galleries, publications, and art fairs are just a few places you can find a jury to whom you might submit. We’re actually sponsoring a contest that is open for entry right now, so you just might want to check it out! Here’s the official statement:

The Louisville Art Association and Mike’s Camera are pleased to announce the Call for Entry for the 26th National Photography Show. Featuring over $4000 in cash and prizes in 7 different categories, this show allows accepted artists to display and sell bin work during the duration of the 9-day show (May 23-31 at the Louisville Center for the Arts), with an expected attendance of over 500 art enthusiasts and buyers.

Entries are being accepted in-person or by mail, and the categories include everything from alternative film processes to digital manipulation in addition to more traditional categories. Click here for more information. I know I’ll be submitting something! (That website, callforentry.org, is a great resource for finding more opportunities, too.)

I actually received a small award at a show run by a local public art league of which I am a member. I enjoyed participating for its own sake, but I’ve gotta say—it felt really, really good to realize that someone not only understood what I was trying to say but was glad I had done so.

Good luck, everyone!

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