What’s in your bag for this spring?

Every season presents unique photographic challenges, requiring slightly different strategies and slightly different selections when filling out the gear bag. This time of year, as spring approaches and the northern hemisphere tilts slowly back toward the sun, weather can be volatile—we’ll get snow one day and 80° the next! Read on for our accessory recommendations for spring and make sure you haven’t forgotten something essential for your next shoot.

Extra batteries

I firmly believe you can never have too many batteries. On the chillier days, remember that batteries deplete more quickly at low temps. Keep them inside as long as possible and in an insulated pocket when outside to maximize your shooting power.

Mega charger

Alternatively to stocking up on batteries specific to your camera, you could stock up on power for any device! Omnicharge portable power systems feature full-on 3-prong AC outlets, so you could juice up batteries from different cameras, your laptop, or even run wired lighting as needed.

Rugged memory & case

Seal your memories (and memories-to-be) safely inside a robust memory case, or grab some ProMaster Rugged cards for maximum protection against water, high humidity, extreme heat & cold, and impact.


Bright, sunny days can prove a little challenging for a photographer, especially if there’s lingering snow. A decent polarizing filter can bring back lost details as if by magic, and an ND filter can keep the extra brightness under control.

Tripod or Monopod

Whether you’re waiting around for the a perfectly poised peony to bloom, a breathtaking specimen of young wildlife, or a crisp, golden sunrise, a little extra stability is always a good idea.

Carbon fiber tripods are the primo choice, providing more rigidity with less weight. The ProMaster XC-M 522CK is a great option that won’t break the bank—or your bag, thanks to its micro size!

Alternatively, monopods are a great low-maintenance option. Doubling as a walking stick, it’s a nice balance between minimal setup and the right amount of stability, especially if you’ll be hiking at all.

Pocket blanket

Sunrise seats and spring showers can mean moisture. Photography fearlessly and keep your pants dry with a take-anywhere blanket to throw down as needed! Bonus: keep it open on the grass after a hard day’s shoot and have a good, old fashioned picnic.

Cleaning cloths, in abundance

This one should go without saying, but stray drops are inevitable in wet weather and significant shifts in temperature or humidity will require cleaning… and you won’t like the results of using a low-quality cleaner on your high-quality lens!

I try to keep at least one anywhere I might need one—car, camera bag, wife’s car, desk… you won’t regret stocking up, especially if you wear glasses (including sunglasses).

Wraps for lenses and/or cameras

Base Layers will protect your precious gear from scratches and weather alike, but can be removed in less than a second. The camera Base Layer even includes a rain fly. This is the perfect way to keep your bag light and breezy without compromising the safety of your gear.

A little drone

It’s easier than ever to add a whole new perspective to your photographic arsenal, thanks to drones that are getting smaller and more effective all the time. Try the Tello or Mavic Mini for low-impact, high-gain options.

Water bottle

Hydration is important. As they say, “80% of your problems could be solved by drinking more water.” Why not hydrate in style with a custom water bottle? Celebrate a friend’s art, or keep a favorite photo close to your heart.

The bag itself

As for the bag itself, you don’t need to haul around an enormous sack to make sure you’ve got everything you could possible need. The new Everyday Sling is roomy enough for everything you might need on an average trek with plenty of weatherproofing, customizability, and style to optimize the experience.

SKB case

If you’re interested in a particularly grueling experience in the wilderness, of course, you’ll need more than “weatherproof.” A submersible SKB case is just the thing to provide you with absolute confidence in the safety of your gear amidst the elements.

But seriously—if nothing else, you’ll want a few batteries. Stop in at your local Mike’s Camera location and we’ll be happy to consult with you personally about what’s in your bag.

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