Tips & Tricks 2020—manufacturer seminars

The holiday season is finally over (even for those of us who celebrate the full 12 days of Christmas 😉) and I think there’s a good chance that there are a few lucky, loved folks out there who have brand new cameras. The sooner you and your new companion are on the same page, the better, and we happen to have just the right experience available to help that process along.

Even though they just spent quite a few days with us, we’ve booked representatives from six of our manufacturers to present introductory seminars on their cameras for you, our imaging-minded friends. These seminars are designed to provide in-depth info for beginners without getting too overwhelming—at the very least, you’ll walk away knowing what all those buttons and dials do. You might even meet a fellow photographer or two for future photo projects!

Find the closest event to you below, then click the Tickets link to secure a seat. If you received a promotional ticket with your new camera, just use the code on it to sign up for free!

Colorado Seminars

California Seminars


  1. Hi, Guys. I clicked on the “Nikon” button and got looped back to the announcement. The “California Seminars” button isn’t live. Please help. Many thanks. = )

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Mr. Whitley! Something got changed on the backend, but the problem has been remedied now.

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