Free gear rental on your terms with Olympus Test & Wow

Every year, some of our most popular events are our Demo Days in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Sacramento. The buzz around the ones coming up this weekend in Colorado and next month in Sacramento is proof of that! And who’d be surprised? We bring in dozens upon dozens of cameras and lenses to provide an opportunity to “try before you buy” in a real shooting scenario. (Click here for more info on Demo Days.) Well, gear junkies, hold onto your seats, because we’ve found another way to let you run wild and free, for free.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Olympus to provide a new way to try out some of the latest gear available at no cost. Our Denver and Sacramento locations will be two of the first four camera stores in the nation to participate in the Test & Wow program, offering four-day loans of select Olympus camera gear so you can put it through the wringer somewhere you want to shoot. Even if you’re already invested in one system, with nothing to lose, why not experiment with something different? The compact quality offered by the Micro Four Thirds system can stand alone or complement a bulkier system.

Heading up to the mountains for the weekend but don’t want to bring a massive camera bag? The OM-D E-M10 Mark III Pancake kit is an excellent, pocketable option for a photographer who won’t sacrifice control. Got a kid playing in a big game but haven’t invested in a good long-lens setup? The OM-D E-M1X PRO kit offers a 40-150mm (80-300mm full-frame equivalent view) f/2.8 lens which will blow any short kit lens out of the water. Already an Olympus shooter and thinking about growing your lens collection? From 7mm to 300mm, you can find just the right glass for your favorite subjects.

All you’ll need to do is click here to start the registration process. Just bring a photo ID to pick up your reservation and bring your gear back before we close on the fourth day of your possession. Any collateral deposit will be returned, meaning this rental is absolutely free!

You’re more than welcome to try a few, too, but I’m sure after one you’ll want to try them all. You might even end up bringing one home for good! I know I love my E-M10.

The list of current gear available is below, and if it’s a hit, we may be able to expand to more stores, with more options. Get in there and try something new!

Currently-available loaner gear

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