Battery & charger compatibility guides, now on the blog

Good morning, camera lovers! If you’ve gone through more than a camera or two in your lifetime, you’ve probably run into some confusion about which chargers and which batteries may or may not be compatible with each of those cameras. Perhaps you wanted to pick up a little extra power for someone you know and love, but barely had anything to go on but the model number (if you were lucky). Even trickier might be the quest to resurrect a long-discontinued model, as the usual sources of information may not reach back (or remember) that far. The scenario can be especially confusing if you’re trying to take advantage of the value provided by third-party manufacturers.

Well, worry no more! Our hardware experts are always happy to help you find the right product, of course, but for when you need a quick reference guide, look no further than The extensive reference charts you’ll find there, sorted by manufacturer, provide a searchable database of OEM battery model numbers as well as the model numbers of all compatible ProMaster batteries and replacement/upgrade wall chargers. Click on a manufacturer’s name below to take a gander!

Canon Fujifilm Nikon Olympus Panasonic Sony

The sheer volume of cameras that have been available over the years makes it unlikely that this will ever be a truly complete list, but we’ll do our best to make sure these charts remain up-to-date and useful for a long time to come. Just remember, or click on Battery & charger compatibility charts under “Tips & Tricks” on the main menu, above.

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